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"I have been using Michael Paquette ( Access Revolving Door) and his crews to take care of 13 revolving doors at Peachtree Center for
over 12 years now. He has always been very helpful and fast when it comes to repairing our doors.I dont have to worry about our doors now like I use to.
It was always so hard to find one company that knew what they were doing when trying to repair our doors. Now that we use Access Revolving Door,I know the job will be done right the first time and fast.
So if you have a revolving door I would highly suggest you calling them for your door repairs and Safety Code Inspections."

Yours Truly,  Barry Jacobs  Chief Engineer 
Eola Capital  Atlanta, Ga
Peachtree Center  404 654 1287  

"We have been using Access Revolving Door Company for the past 20 years from the Fisher Building , to the Albert Kahn Building , to our current building that we manage the Cadillac Place , formerly the GM World Headquarters, all of these building are listed by the historical society and all located in Detroit , Michigan .
I have worked with Mike Paquette on repairing, maintaining and replacing a complete revolving unit that was over 50 years old.
I never had any problems that it was not resolved; I highly recommend them on any projects or repairs needed to your doors."

Al Vettese    Jones Lang La Salle     Detroit Michigan

“Access Revolving Door has maintained the revolving doors in my building since 2005 and I greatly appreciate their work ethic.  They continuously provide professional and courteous services as it pertains to revolving door maintenance, repairs, and certification.  Access Revolving Door is an excellent company to work with.”

Michael Hubbard    Portfolio Property Management

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